Blog of the Department of European Ethnology

Since spring 2021, the Blog of the Department of European Ethnology has been in existence, with which we would like to enter into a discussion about cultural studies work in a accessible, always up-to-date format. We provide an insight into current research, courses and projects at the Department of European Ethnology at the University of Vienna and offer an opportunity for exchange. In this sense, we see the blog as an open forum for sharing information, arguments and concerns.

We present cultural studies content, starting with a series on the history of Covid-19 and influenza 1918, introduce graduates or ERASMUS students, give an insight into our summer reading and benefit from the fact that the many events at the Institute deal with a wide range of exciting topics. The results can be read, seen and heard here.

Those interested in studying can also get an overview of what it means to study European Ethnology and what you can do with it as a profession. What does it mean to look at everyday culture through a scientific lens? It can mean, for example, deconstructing what is supposedly taken for granted in everyday life by taking a closer look and searching for other perspectives. It is well known that science thrives best in an exchange between different perspectives.

That is why we are calling on you to take part! We welcome contributions from students, university lecturers and researchers - be it information on events or new publications, ethnographic observations of everyday life, short essays, reflections or field reports. We do not want to impose a strict formal corset, but rely on the creativity of the authors.

We encourage contributors to use a gender-specific spelling, but leave the choice between the different styles to the authors themselves. Send your contribution suggestions to:

We're glad you've found us - we hope you enjoy reading and discussing!