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Erasmus+: Study Abroad & Scholarships

Studying abroad is an important part of academic training at university. In addition to the experience and insight into another culture and society, studying in another place means broadening one's scientific horizons, which cannot be achieved through reading alone. This also includes language competence, with English being essential.

In addition to the final diploma, a semester or year abroad at the start of one's professional life is an asset in any application, whether in the field of science, education, cultural mediation, museums or media.

The Institute of European Ethnology encourages study, research and teaching abroad and for this reason participates in several exchange programs. We welcome participation in student exchanges, whether those of so-called "outgoings" from the Institute, or those of so-called "incomings" who have chosen the Vienna Institute for a semester or year abroad.

The basis for these opportunities is the ERASMUS+ exchange program initiated and financed by the EU. It promotes the mobility of students and teachers with the aim of realizing a European dimension of scientific education and teaching. The program provides financial support for exchanges for study purposes and for (research) internships. It guarantees free access to the foreign institutes as well as the full creditability of examinations taken there or in Vienna at the respective home university with the ECTS system.

Within the framework of this exchange program, the Institute of European Ethnology has selected several partner institutes and concluded agreements with them, which are prerequisites for an exchange. These agreements are organized reciprocally and thus enable the exchange to and from Vienna.

Above all, ERASMUS+ promotes student mobility. The current partner institutes for one- or two-semester stays for students can be found here:

An overview of the places available in the respective semester can be found on the page under "Places".

If you meet the following criteria, you can contact the Eramus coordinator with a letter of motivation.

Information about application deadlines

Especially interesting for students of European Ethnology is the possibility to do an internship abroad (e.g. research institution, museum, archive) through ERASMUS+. This is also possible if you have already been abroad once for studies with ERASMUS (for more information click here).

If you are interested in an internship through ERASMUS, please contact the coordinator at the institute as early as possible:

Information about the different types of scholarships abroad is available at the Office for International Relations of the University of Vienna (main building of the university). At our institute, Anna Weichselbraun coordinates the "Auslandsagenden". (

In addition to the ERASMUS program, there are other actions to promote student mobility. These support study stays in many countries of the world (especially France, Great Britain, Italy, Eastern Europe, USA), shorter stays for scientific work abroad (for example for diploma thesis or dissertation), participation in language courses and other further education, post-graduate scholarships as well as partnership agreements of the University of Vienna (for further information click here).