post-doctoral research projects (habilitations)

Dr. Christian Elster

Prognostizierte Zukünfte

complete titel: Prognostizierte Zukünfte: Ethnografische Perspektiven auf das Wetter von morgen

advisor: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Brigitta Schmidt-Lauber

description: The weather forecast has always interested people. The time frame that are of interest range from imminent weather events to long-term weather changes that affect future generations. In view of anthropogenic climate change, weather no longer appears to be unaffected by human activity. In various fields I trace cultural, technical, economic and historical dimensions of weather, guided by the question of what actions entail weather forecasts as predicted, possible futures.

duration: since 2019

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Anna Weichselbraun, PhD

Technologien des Vertrauens

complete titel: ---

advisor: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Alexa Färber

description: In my habilitation project, I deal with technologies that are intended to ensure the verification of data, transactions, contracts, etc. I am interested in how actors interpret the concept of trust differently as a moral good, but also as an outdated and even dangerous fallacy. On the one hand, my research takes a historical perspective and refers to archaeological and historical work on various trust technology artifacts such as seals and notch woods. On the other hand, I also carry out field research, both on-site and virtually, at companies that develop block chain technologies to bridge the physical and digital worlds, such as in the area of supply chain and smart contracts.


duration: since 2019

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