This conference aims to deconstruct and disentangle European history as the subject of all histories, and suggests the possibility to write connected histories of the processes of social inequality and labour coercion that emerged from various parts of the world in distinct periods.
The discussion of this WORCK Conference Day is based on a reader, assembling key publications on the study of social inequalities and global history.


This event had to be cancelled at short notice due to the start of the Corona measures.

winter term 2019/20

  • weekly colloquium of the department of European Ethnology on the subject "anthropology of islands" (Brigitta Schmidt-Lauber)


2019/11/15: workshop with papers and comments

  • workshop with a paper by Engelbert Stockhammer (King's College London) on the subjects "Rising Inequality. Falling Wage Shares. Causes and Effects" [Program]

2019/12/02: workshop

  • worshop on the subjects "Debts and Inequality"

  • weekly colloquium of the department of European Ethnology on the subject of the relations between the city and the countryside (Brigitta Schmidt-Lauber) [program]


2019/04/04: social injustice and slavery

  • research talk of the  key research area "global history" on the topic of "Slaveries and Slaving Practices from a Global Perspective" (Juliane Schiel) [program]

Mai 2019: competition for space

  • Program "Zukunftskolleg" of the Austrian Science Fond "FWF" about „Space – Spacial Competition and Economic Policies, Discourses, Institutions and Everyday Practices“ [informations]

2019/06/17-2019/06/18: social injustice and semantics of dedependence

  • 06/17: workshop of the working group "ELHN Free/Unfree Labour" in cooperation with German cluster of excellence "Beyond Slavery and Freedom" (Bonn) on "semantics of dependence". Pilot phase for the conception of a relational database for a collaborative research project (Juliane Schiel) [programe]
  • 06/18: cooperative block course of the workshop on methods for postgradutates (masters) with representatives of the digital humanities (Silke Schwandt, Tobias Hodel, Ludolf Kuchenbuch) on "historical semantics - between microhistory and big data" (Juliane Schiel)
  • 06/18: evening lecture delivered by Maria Ågren on „Service, Help and Delegation: Labor Relations in the Past“ (lecture in cooperation with the colloquium of the department for Economic and Social History)