Pre-enacting climate change knowledge (PECCK): Transforming anthropological methodology through a real-fictional Climate Court of Audit

In the anthropological research project PECCK we problematize the effects of the climate budget regime on climate change knowledge. For this purpose, we take up the demand of the recent Austrian Climate Referendum for a Climate Court of Audit and bring it into being as a real fiction. In workshops, performances and short films, the research project uses methods of speculation to investigate the production of climate change knowledge before and while it becomes part of democratic legislative processes. We refer to this process as research-based pre-enactment.

That's why we launched the realfictional campaign "Klimarechnungshof Jetzt! Klimaschutz braucht Kontrolle" to try out the Climate Audit Office.

Through a variety of research and publication formats, we ourselves contribute to the formation of climate change knowledge by shaping future imaginaries and exploring the options for societal responses to the climate crisis. By employing the real fiction of the Climate Court of Audit, we aim at expanding and substantiating the multimodal repertoire of anthropology and implementing the methodology of pre-enactment into the anthropology of knowledge.

PECCK is funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF). The project is part of the collaborative research initiative Studio Klimawandelwissen, initiated by the Department of European Ethnology and carried out in cooperation with the Research Unit of History of Science at the University of Vienna and the Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art since 2020.

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Alexa Färber | Milena Bister | Niklas Schrade | Rebecca Akimoto

Austrian Science Fund (FWF), 1000 Ideas Program

Project duration
01.2022 -11.2023