Cornelia Dlabaja is an urban researcher. She is currently a research assistant and PhD candidate at the Department of European Ethnology at the University of Vienna. In her ethnographic PhD project, she investigates the formation of the urban development area Seestadt Aspern over a 5-year period. She studied sociology and spatial planning in Vienna, Paris, and Darmstadt. Her research interests include ‘right to the city’ movements in Venice and Vienna, caring for the city, urban change, migration, and genderHer Master’s research was published in 2016 as “The Viennese Brunnenviertel: Productions of Urban Change” (new academic press) during her first maternity leave, which was also her first monography. Previous work included from the FEMtech funded project ‘GenderATlas’ at the Institute of Geography and ‘Living in Highrises’ at the Department of Sociology at the University of Vienna. She co-organised the WWTF funded Maria Jahoda summer school ‘Rethinking public space’ in 2014. In 2011, Cornelia founded the Section of Social Inequality in the Austrian Sociology Association, of which she is the speaker until today.

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