Greca Nathascia Meloni, M. A.

I am a Doc-fellow of the Austrian Academy of Science and a passionate researcher. In my project, I use a multimodal approach, which includes visual ethnography, to explore the naturalistic practices and knowledge connected to the practice of beekeeping in Sardinia (Italy). On the issues of biodiversity protection and environmental resource management and beekeeping I produced the short movies Abieris and Abis. Beyond a drop of Honey (2018) and S’acuamebi de Verina Olla (2018).
Currently I collaborate with the Progetto Hostel to include visual ethnography techniques in the learning process of high school students.

about me


  • CV
    • since 1. Juli 2018
      beneficiary of the DOC Fellowship Program of the Austrian Academy of Sciences
    • since Marche 2017
      Ph.D. student at the Institute of European Ethnology, University of Vienna
    • February 2014 - February 2015
      Student at the University of Wroclaw (Poland) within the Erasmus program
    • 2015
      Master studies in Archaeology and History of Art, University of Cagliari (Italy)
    • 2012
      Bachelor's Degree Program in Cultural Heritage, University of Cagliari (Italy)
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about my research


  • research interests
    • Identity
    • Heritigization
    • Human ecology
    • Nature/Culture
    • Human and animal relationship
    • Food Identity
    • Visual Anthropology
    • Anthropology and Beekeeping
    • Sardinia 
  • research projects

    The research project "Making Honey - Making Identity. Policies and Beekeeping in Sardinia" focuses on knowledge and practices of beekeeping in Sardinia (Italy), and the tensions and conflicts that arise - both within the community of beekeepers, and between that community and various regional institutions - in Response to issues of environmental resource Management and the exploitation of local products connected with identity matters.